From daydreaming to living

A SIMPLE LIFE. Self-Suffiency. Homesteading. writing. FLOURISHING.

Jade Victoria

I’m a mom to my 1 year old son, wife to my wonderful husband and chicken wrangler of our 5 hens and 1 rooster. We live on six acres that I’m slowly turning into a small farm and in some instances still convincing my husband, hoping to convince him we need goats next as well as a second baby.

What I’ve lost in energy over the years I seem to have gained in patience. I may be tired but thanks to this new found patience we are living the life we’ve dreamed of. A family, land and the slow march towards a simpler self-sufficient life on a modern homestead. While my son sleeps, I enjoy reading & writing historical fiction, fantasy and science fiction all with a little romance. One of these days I’ll even get back to quilting again.

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Learn along with me as I work towards a more self-sufficient lifestyle and turning our home into a homestead.


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