Hi, I’m Jade!

My days have been filled with stress between an independent rambunctious toddler and a stressful job so at night it made sense that I just wanted to sit in front of the TV and veg. No stress, no thinking, nothing. After awhile of that I started feeling like I was rotting in front of screens all day. A computer at work all day and a TV screen all night.

What had happened to doing things I enjoyed? Or doing anything for that matter. Somehow I’d let inaction become my normal. So I took my life back.

Getting back into an actionable life was amazing. Slowly over time and without even realizing it more starts to move in life when you become an active participant in it. After years of looking at the housing market we finally jumped in actually started going to open houses and even finally putting in an offer on a piece of property.

Now we live on 6 acres with a beautiful home, I love taking our son out to roam the property after work each day. My heart feels so full that he has all this land to explore now. There’s even a chicken coop out back that with a little fixing up will be the perfect home for our small flock.

So stick around and learn with me about livestock, gardening and gaining some from scratch skills in the kitchen!

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