We’re Moving!

Time to move

Well it’s official, we’ve left the city behind in favor of a more rural experience. Goodbye postage stamp property, hello 6 acres of lawn! I can’t believe it’s finally happened. We’ve been looking at listings online for years, and saving for a down payment for longer. The day arrived, along with the movers and away we went. Yay, for moving!

We’d been hoping for a 4 bedroom home, but I fell in love with this place so fast. I didn’t even care that we’d be missing that 4th bedroom. Maybe in the future we’ll do an addition or maybe we’ll just get cozy with each other. I think after every move people all say the same thing. “This is it! No more moving!” I know my husband has been saying it. I’m personally quiet in those moments because I know we’ll move at least once more when we are old and grey and unable to take care of the property anymore. Until that time, I hope and pray that nothing changes so we can stay here until that time.

Anyway, back to the big day at hand. We packed up the house, swung by the storage unit to pack those boxes up, took a break for some pizza and were off to the new house (and hopefully soon to be homestead!). Of course, it ended up being the hottest day of the summer and with rain threatening the entire day too. Thankfully, it stayed sunny past when the rain was supposed to come in and held off right until the movers were finishing up. The poor guys had to fix a neighbors lawn after they accidently went up onto his grass while trying to make the corner onto our street. I’m glad they worked it out for us though so we could start on good terms with our neighbors.

Moving with a toddler

I’ll say this much for moving with a toddler, I never want to do that again. It took absolutely forever to unpack anything with him around. He wanted to look at and touch everything when it came out of the boxes. He needed to pick everything up and put it back in the boxes. Of course, when you take it back out again and put it back where you wanted it, he would again go pick it up and put it in the boxes. So now he’s thinking it’s a game. Grandparents to the rescue! We aren’t any closer to them but it is an easier drive so it’s great having them not to far away.

So we have finally unpacked everything we need on a regular basis and have taken everything else out to the garage in the back. Now for the fun part, researching everything we need to know about prepping our soil for the garden and getting the coop fixed up for our chickens to move in! Any tips you wished you’d known about, let me know!

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