Where I Buy Quality Essential Oils Without Joining a MLM

When you are first starting out learning about essential oils and looking to purchase some it can be really hard to know where to buy them from. A quick search on on Google for essential oils usually brings up Doterra and Young Living; however, these are multi-level marketing companies and if you aren’t interested in buying a whole kit and having a membership this can be a big turn off for people. Admittedly, I am one of those people that an MLM is just not for. There’s nothing wrong with the companies themselves or even their oils so I don’t want you to think they aren’t quality companies and products. It’s ok, there are plenty of other places out there that sustainably harvest, produce organic matter for distillation and the list continues just like the MLMs do.

I spent a lot of time researching and going down a ton of internet rabbit holes. I also bought a lot of essential oils from a number of companies. So to help you on your journey I wanted to list out and link the companies that I personally buy essential oils from and am happy with the products and their websites (important for online buying!). I listed them in alphabetical order below.

Aromatics International

This company is actually apart of the Aromahead Institute (where I took classes for my CA). Both companies were started by Andrea Butje and Cindy Black. They are massage therapists who started using EOs in their practices way back and pioneered a lot in our modern day usage of EOs. They started the school to teach responsible use and show how essential oils work. Then they started the store to promote souring quality essential oils across the world. They work with small companies in locations where plants naturally grow and the companies distill on site. So purchasing from these ladies supports not only a US based company but also small family and women owned companies across the globe.

Pros of this essential oil retailer:

  • Clean and easy to use website
  • Large variety of EOs singles and blends
  • Sells carriers, containers and hydrosols in addition to essential oils
    • I particularly love their beeswax!
  • Rewards/points system
  • Usually runs free shipping specials
  • Good educational materials with citations
  • Relationship with Aromahead Institute
  • Free recipes on website
  • Daily deals
  • Free returns
  • GC/MS reports posted for all single essential oils
  • Aromatherapist owned and operated

Cons of this essential oil retailer:

  • If your order doesn’t qualify for free shipping if there is a deal going on shipping can get pricey.

Eden Botanicals

Probably a lesser known company but one of my favorites is Eden Botanicals. I enjoy exploring their shop because they always have a large inventory to choose from. So this is where I come when I want something new, something that I can’t get from other sellers. Additionally, I can get very small containers if I just want to smell some new offering instead of having to comment to a full ounce or more.

Pros of this essential oil retailer:

  • Large inventory
  • Citations with their educational materials
  • You can make yourself a wish list
  • more scents then other companies
  • More size variety
  • wonderful safety data sheets (PDF) for all their singles
  • Certificate of analysis (basically a GC/MS report for all single essential oils
  • A full inventory price list (PDF)
  • Sells carriers, kits and hydrosols in addition to essential oils

Cons of this essential oil retailer:

  • Older feeling website, a bit harder to navigate
  • Blog hasn’t been updated since 2018

Download this guide for FREE as a PDF for reference later!

Plus an extra special BONUS inside!


So this one is actually near and dear to my heart. This company is in Vermont, which is where I was born and my parents still live (within walking distance from Lunaroma!). Lunaroma is both a physical store front and a website. They have partnered with many local Vermont company’s like Hotel Vermont and Shelburne Farms to create signature scents for them for all their soaps, lotions, etc. Even local restaurants can have their own scent for their soaps in their restrooms, I love seeing businesses helping businesses!

In their shop they have and amazing on demand fill station, it’s amazing. All these gorgeous bottles with a binder off all available essential oils and their price per size. You tell the employee stationed behind the counter your order and they fill it all for you. It’s seriously one of my favorite experiences when ordering essential oils. They also have a kitchen with a huge window that while you’re shopping you can watch them make products.

Pros of this essential oil retailer:

  • Clean and easy to use website
  • Physical storefront and website
  • In addition to essential oils they also sell carriers, kits, , hydrosols, organic skin & bath products
    • This is the only place on this list I’ll buy products like this from
  • Onsite fill station
  • Strong commitment to sustainable harvesting practices
    • I’ll only buy Rosewood from Lunaroma because of this
  • Aromatherapist owned and operated

Cons of this essential oil retailer:

  • I wish they carried more carrier products.
  • They also don’t post gc/ms reports posted on their website.
    • This is the only store I’ll buy essential oils from that doesn’t post these reports. That’s because I’ve spoken to the owner Leyla personally and was very impressed by her ethics and how she sources sustainably harvested essential oils from distillation companies. Everything has a gc/ms report for quality purposes they just don’t post them on the website.

Pompeii Street

This is another local love of mine, these days I live in Pennsylvania and this company is based in the state. It’s a bit of a hike for me but I made the pilgrimage once to really scope it out. They also have a storefront and a website, you can also see into their kitchen area to see them making products. They have a huge inventory of premade offerings and an awesome gift section.

Pros of this essential oil retailer:

  • Advance search capabilities
  • USDA certified organic when possible (over 70!)
  • Tons of premade products,
  • GC/MS reports posted
    • including historical reports so you can go back and reference your batch after you purchased it
  • Safety/usage/batch details all posted on single essential oils listings
  • Blog posts are very educational
  • Owned and operated by a certified aromatherapist

Cons of this essential oil retailer:

  • They have so many offerings I sometimes get lost on their website.

Stillpoint Aromatics

Stillpoint is based out of Arizona and is both a storefront and a website, similar to Aromatics International they have their own school for the Certified Aromatherapist training. They also have what they call ‘almost free’ virtual on demand trainings, and very in depth more advanced training some of which are only offered in person. I have yet to make it to the physical storefront but I know when I do I’ll love it. Joy is such a wonderful person and business woman with her partner in crime Bella the pup that I know I’d be welcomed as family immediately. Stillpoint is a mix of science and vibrational/energetics so you are able to find information about all oils they sell on their website (including Chakra correlations).

Pros of this essential oil retailer:

  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Tons of single essential oils in their inventory including very small options to sample something new
  • Bella the dog is always making guest appearances
  • In addition to essential oils they sell carriers, resins, hydrosols and kits.
  • Educational write ups that are so good I count it as research
  • Nice blog
  • Very easy to read and informative essential oil singles listings

Cons of this essential oiler retailer:

  • Not many sales to take advantage of

That Was A lot

I know that was a lot to digest but I want this post to be a great resource for you to come back to when you are ready to make your first purchase or when you are looking for a new oil to try and the store you normally use doesn’t have it. This way you have a list of the tried and true essential oils and in some cases stores that stock carriers (save on that shipping from ordering from the same place!). Once you’ve bought your first essential oils, check a out couple simple natural cleaner recipes here.

Love to buy essential oils at a company you don’t see featured here, give them a shout out below! I really enjoy checking out new shops!

Interested in learning more about Aromatherapy? Hop on over to the Aromatherapy Gallery!

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Where i buy essential oils without joining a MLM blog post
Where to buy essential oils without joining an mlm blog post

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